Local parents have spoken, and once again PACE Academy has been named as one of Hulafrog's Most Loved Dance Class Providers of 2015.

Serving the Columbia area since 2003, PACE employs highly skilled, educated, and supportive teachers in the performing arts.

Our dance component offers the Columbia area the opportunity to participate in a non-competitive dance program. Instead, students gain performance experience through lecture demonstrations, recitals, and community events without the pressure and cost of the competition circuit. Our teachers strive to challenge each student by incorporating familiar combinations and new exercises with encouraging personal feedback. Our process-focused education celebrates the milestones students reach in the classroom as much as their final presentation on stage.

We also offer a wide range of theatre classes such Introduction to Theatre, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare for Teens, and Sanford Meisner acting technique. Taught by theatre professionals, the classes help develop strong skills both academically and for performance.

Additionally, our classes give opportunity for young people to build strong friendships with students from different backgrounds, schools, family compositions, ability levels and ages, while encouraging them to use their talents to give back to their community.

PACE Academy Studio
1020 E. Walnut St
Columbia, MO 65201