This page lists the submissions of those who have written in to PACE with something to say about the benefits of theater education, or about a PACE production, etc.

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What Parents Are Saying About PACE

Thank You for all you did to make it happen, Angela, and in such a positive, worthwhile way! Sydnee and I were talking about the classes and the whole experience on our way to Sedalia this weekend, and you were spot on -- the friendships she formed were her favorite part. Oh, and learning about all that goes in to making a play.

- Dana Goings

The organization you have built and the caliber of young people you have gathered in it are phenomenal, not only in terms of their talent and dedicated work at their craft, but most importantly in terms of the quality of their character as human beings. Over and over and over again, from the first rehearsal where I dropped Bailey off, to the last curtain call and breaking down the set after the final performance, I observed thoughtful, considerate, compassionate, respectful and responsible young people. As a mom of a very young, very inexperienced child/cast member, each and every one of you set my mind at rest time after time as I saw you interact with my daughter and guide her and look after her. I have tears in my eyes (again) as I write this.

- Jo Self

One of the greatest things about PACE is that it teaches kids that the world does not revolve around them. They learn to be genuinely happy when a struggling friend makes a break-through, gets a great part, or hits a difficult note. Life-long friendships are built here. Thank you for being another grown-up in their life that won't accept their second best, but always asks for their greatest effort, the one they can live up to, and be proud of.

- Juanita Synder

I just wanted to thank you again for inspiring me to be apart of theatre when I was young and all the opportunities you've given me since. I have recently moved to Kansas City to work in theatre. I just got a full time carpenter job and a part time assistant T.D. job. It's so great to get to work on theatre everyday! I've been sending out my resume non-stop, so I think about you alot:) (You are still one of my references). My life would be entirely different if it wasn't for you, and I know alot of other kids would say the same.

- Emily Swenson

PACE has given my daughter an opportunity to find more in herself, trust in herself and nurture her confidence.

- Christine Doerr

You were able to see my child's potential. It was a wonderful experience for her.

- Rochelle Duncan

For you to take a group of teenagers, notoriously self conscious, and make them a tight team, poised and professional in a matter of weeks, is amazing. Thank you for your huge contribution to them and to the community. Keep it up!

- Anne Russell

Your high expectations, and equally high levels of support and guidance, make all the difference.

- John Purdie

You have brought out a piece of our son that we did not know was there. We look forward to his continuing to grow and develop his acting abilities. He has been forever changed by this experience!

- Tracy Fedl

As a parent who has been taking her child to various theater classes for many years, I feel the difference with PACE. The teachers are truly dedicated to fostering creative growth in their young students. They have clear lesson plans and goals, and the students are given meaningful assignments that help them explore who they are and what they can do. Through it all, the kids obviously have FUN! At a time when budget cuts are eating away at support for the arts, supporting PACE is a crucial way that we, as concerned adults in Columbia, can nurture the gift of imagination and creativity that is in every child.

- Jeannie Francis

Being involved in a PACE production develops a sense of community as well as being a confidence builder for the kids.

- Susan Hayden

Our daughter's confidence has soared. Driving home after tonight's show, she said, "you know mom, tonight's show was OUR show." I could just hear you saying this to the kids...and she really felt pride and ownership of the performance.

- Beth Gardner

Hunter has been blessed to have you as her teacher. Looking back I'm so thankful to have been a part of something magical. This show was an experience our family won't soon forget.

- Lori McHugh

What Young People Are Saying About PACE

After performing To Kill a Mockingbird and The Miracle Worker, I would like to pursue American Sign Language and theatre. I would like to share my love of acting with others and give them the same opportunities that PACE gave to me.

- Maggie Hunter

I thank you so much for pushing me there. Thank you for treating me like I have talent. Thank you for actually coaching me on my acting. Thank you for helping me be me.

- Olivia Heisner

Thank you so much for always believing in me and pushing me towards the things that I didn't believe myself capable of (teaching a theatre camp, directing). I truly value the time and energy you've devoted to my education.

- Mary Russell

I love adding new people to my PACE family. It's such a good feeling to be at auditions and have all of your friends there cheering you on. Friends I never would have met if it weren't for PACE. PACE helps teach us to make new friends and to realize that everyone is the same, no matter what. Whether you get a part in the chorus or a main part, you are equal with everyone else. Everyone has a unique talent, and PACE helps us learn what that talent is

- Rachel Mooney

In addition to granting me the opportunity to be in some truly fantastic shows and some ridiculously fun roles, PACE has also introduced me to wonderful people who will be my friends for many years to come, and it's that aspect that constitutes the most valuable element of most creative experiences.

- Stefan Melnyk

Participating and performing in many PACE shows has been a wonderful experience, the friends I have made are friends that I will look forward to knowing for the rest of my life. PACE has been a place where I have learned and been challenged, and I will never forget my experiences.

- Taylor Arnold

PACE has changed my life in countless ways, from instilling in me my love of theatre, to the friendships I have forged during shows. I am indebted greatly to PACE because through it I was able to work with some of the most talented directors and actors Columbia had to offer. I mean, how many people grow up with that opportunity? Not many. I am one of the lucky ones.

- Lizzie Germann

I gained not only some of the best memories of my early life with PACE and best friends, I also gained a lot of confidence and I feel like my time with PACE really influenced who I am as a person. I picked up my value of hard and my understanding that respect and hard work often lead to the most fun. Working in PACE also taught me how to work with other people which is a skill I think will be very important in my future with whatever I do. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to participate for so long in something as special as PACE theatre.

- Bridget Tobin

PACE has allowed me to perform great roles, make new friends, broaden my world view, gain confidence, and give back to my community.

- Matt Howard

PACE has made me more confident and I've made so many friends along the way.

- Allison Bader

It's inspired me to pursue theatre as a career.

- Chloe Diamond

It has taught me a lot of things, but overall it has taught me commitment.

- Julian Foley

I've learned so much, not only about theatre, but also about people. I've met some really great friends, as well.

- Rachel Maun

PACE has helped me develop confidence while being in front of large groups of people.

- Daniel Blake

PACE helped me express myself in creative ways, forming confidence that transferred to life away from the stage, and also, always provided a wonderful time, even during long show weeks.

- Billy Borgmeyer

Thank You for all you did to make it happen, Angela, and in such a positive, worthwhile way! Sydnee and I were talking about the classes and the whole experience on our way to Sedalia this weekend, and you were spot on -- the friendships she formed were her favorite part. Oh, and learning about all that goes in to making a play.

What people in the community are saying about PACE

Thank you so much for putting this AMAZING show on benefiting Bryson. It was outstanding. I loved it and got goose bumps several times in different parts because of how well it was done and the meaning behind it!! My kids enjoyed it too and sat through the whole thing!! That blew my mind!! Thank you again; can't wait to hear what you all raised ;) thank you again!! Means the world!

- Brittany Jones

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