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PACE is Columbia's most loved youth theatre group in 2017!! We ROCK!!!

PACE: Life's Bigest Role

PACE — an acronym for Performing Arts in Children’s Education — sets high expectations for its performers and crew. Sure, they’re all children. But they have a job to do. “We treat these kids the same way we would treat them if they were in a professional theater,” Angela Howard, PACE’s co-founder and co-artistic director, says...... PACE uses its programs, which include classes on things like stagecraft and vocal technique in addition to its stage productions, to teach kids about the real world..... “We feel the performing arts — and not just theater, but also music and dance — are an integral part of children’s education,” Howard says." read the entire article...

Living Windows Festival

PACE is very active in the Columbia community. This year some of our kids participated in the Living Windows Festival in downtown Columbia. read the entire article...