Long long ago (as in 2003) two drama masters huddled secretly at a kitchen table laying out their plans to build a new youth theatre company. They dreamed of an eclectic troupe of freckled, giggly, loud, shy, curious, adventurous youth banding together to take Mid-Missouri by stage as actors, stage hands, lighting designers, and stage managers. And so it was. Performing Arts in Children's Education, better known as PACE came into being, followed by PACK (Performing Arts Council of Kids), the Arts in Health Series, and PACE Academy.

Each parting PACE player carries a nugget of what the two founders brewed. Many are eager to explore new opportunities, some pursuing careers in musical theatre or technical theatre. Others teaching fresh faces just beginning their PACE experience.

As you await the lifting of the curtain on a new production, you witness the fulfillment of that dream; to be enthralled, mesmerized, surprised and entertained. And when the stage lights go dark, the light still burns bright at that kitchen table.